Product: Trust Analytics

Score the forecast and improve its quality

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Right90 Trust Analytics™ enables sales managers to understand how good their forecast is and what is driving the quality of their forecast. Right90 Trust Analytics scores the forecast and shows managers how likely accurate the forecast is by sales rep, customer, product, region, etc. A sales manager, for example, can use this data when judging the forecast submitted by his reps — turning forecasting into a more objective process. Managers can also use this data to identify what’s driving good and bad forecasts so that they can improve their forecasts over time.

Right90 Trust Analytics utilizes past historical performance to evaluate the quality of the forecast. It combines the ABCs of forecast performance — key metrics such as Accuracy, Bias, and Completeness — into a single index, the Right90 Trust Factor, so that organizations have an objective way to assess the quality of the forecast and identify risk.

Key Benefits
  • Objectively assess forecast quality
  • Identify drivers of quality
  • Drive forecast quality improvements
  • Out-of-the-box forecast quality metrics such as Accuracy, Bias, Completeness, and the Right90 Trust Factor
  • Forecast quality dashboards and views
  • Interactive drill-up/down analysis of forecast quality drivers.
  • Offline forecasting support
  • Export to Excel for offline sharing.