Product: Sales Forecast Capture

Drive a more complete forecast in less time

Right90 Sales Forecast Capture™ serves as the single place where the entire sales team can collect, judge, and analyze its forecast. It is designed to reduce the amount of time sales spends forecasting and increase sales participation in the forecasting process, while providing a single platform for forecasting by how the company is organized and by how it acquires revenue. Sales Forecast Capture is built for companies with large, complex sales organizations that have the following forecasting needs:

  • Opportunity Owner Forecasts — roll-up and analyze forecasts submitted by opportunity owners in CRM1
  • Overlays — easily allow your overlay teams to analyze the forecast of opportunities that they do not own while enabling them to provide their own perspective
  • Global Accounts — enable your Global Account Managers to analyze the opportunities being forecast in their account while enabling them to provide their own forecasts for those opportunities
  • Opportunity Splits — account for deal or opportunity splits accurately in your forecast roll-ups
  • Channel — your Channel managers can quickly provide their own forecasts or over-ride forecasts for brand owner-partner jointly owned opportunities
  • Run-rate business — forecast not only business you book upon closing the opportunity, but also the order shipments or revenue over time.

1Also requires Salesforce CRM Connector or Oracle CRM On Demand Connector

Key Benefits
  • Spend less time forecasting
  • Increase sales participation
  • Drive sales collaboration and preserve accountability
  • Drive a more complete and accurate forecast.
  • Intuitive, Excel-like interface with RightCaster Wizards to make forecasting easy for sales
  • Multi-plan, multi-level forecasting support
  • Multi-dimensional roll-ups and drill down
  • Offline forecasting support
  • Flexible views and analytics adapt to changing business needs.