Product: Change and Comparative Analytics

Uncover important changes and focus on what matters

Right90 Change Analytics™ and Comparative Analytics leverage the data from the Right90 Sales Forecast Capture™ application to highlight the most important changes so that sales can focus on those actions that have a material impact on the quarter. Change Analytics features interactive charts with drill-down/drill-up capability and out of the box root-cause analyses to enable sales to quickly understand what’s changing and what should be done about it. Comparative Analytics allows the selection of a sales rep, product or region to show the impact of changes on the performance of that individual or group, including detailed positive or negative variances.

Within the Change Analytics View, changes can be quickly reviewed by clicking on any two dates. The application will show how the forecast has changed between the dates selected based on an individual salesman, customer, product or region. There is no need to create custom reports - Change Analytics is a standard part of the application.

Key Benefits
  • Uncover changes as they occur
  • Prioritize focus and execution efforts.
  • Interactive charting and drill-down
  • Ad-hoc root cause analytics built for sales and sales operations
  • Prioritized change drivers ("Top Performers" and "Bottom Performers")
  • Offline forecasting support
  • Export to Excel for offline sharing.