Thomson Drives Profitability Through Forecast Accuracy

Thomson is a leading provider of solutions for the creation, management, delivery and access of video for the Communication, Media and Entertainment industries. Thomson's clients are studios, broadcasters, content distributors and an increasing range of professional users of video.

When Thomson's Grass Valley business group decided to deploy Salesforce CRM, it specified the need for a centralized solution to enable consistent bottoms-up forecasting. These forecasts need to incorporate all of the data from multiple sources inside and outside the business that affected performance.


Right90 was the right solution for Thomson's Grass Valley business group for a number of reasons, including:

  • Bottoms-up Forecasting Capability: Right90 provides a single, consolidated application to perform bottoms-up forecasting that encompasses data on opportunities, products, quantity and list price. Right90 offers a centralized source for forecast insights so that all business units receive a consistent view of critical data. This means the manufacturing team now gets more robust sales information to support demand.
  • Complete, "Off-the-shelf" Solution Fully Integrated with Salesforce: Right90's seamless integration with Salesforce and Thomson's configuration system gives Thomson's Grass Valley business group a single solution to meet its needs. The comprehensive solution has helped Thomson prevent the need for costly IT developments and the deployment of multiple applications.
  • Intuitive Application: From the user's perspective, Right90 is not even a separate application because it integrates so completely with Salesforce CRM. Sales account managers in Thomson's Grass Valley business group who use the Right90 solution no longer need to input information into multiple systems.
Solution Benefits

Thomson's Grass Valley business group uses Right90 to drive cross-department alignment and overall profitability. By consolidating multiple forecasts in one centralized application, Right90 makes sure that all of the business functions that are affected by sales forecasting have the visibility they need to react to change. With Right90, Thomson can minimize costs and maximize margins through more accurate bottoms-up forecasting.

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