Right90 Keeps QuickLogic on Track for Success

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the leading provider of flexible semiconductor platforms for the hand-held mobile device market. After serving the programmable logic semiconductor markets for nearly 20 years, the company decided to change its business model, creating a new solution platform–called a Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP)–and entering new markets to cater to the handheld mobile device market segment.

As it began this transition, QuickLogic realized it needed a way to forecast end-of-life products, mature products and its newest CSSP offerings–all at the same time. For this reason, Andy Pease, who was VP of Worldwide Sales at the time, sought a solution that would track the forecast deal by deal and allow him and others at the company to view the forecast at each stage of the sales cycle.

QuickLogic resorted to using Microsoft Excel: Sales was responsible for forecasting revenue from the new product, while predicting the forecast for end-of life and mature offerings fell to operations, creating a disjointed and time-intensive forecasting process.


Right90 proved itself to be the antidote to QuickLogic's challenges and was selected for several key reasons:

  • Single System, Single View: Right90 provides a system of record for QuickLogic's forecast so everyone inputting information is using the same tool, which then offers a single resource for questions about the forecast – whether from reps, operations or executives.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Right90's tight integration with Salesforce CRM means that QuickLogic has a closed-loop process from opportunity to forecast.
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to this seamless integration, Right90 takes the hassle out of entering forecast data and rolling it up.
Solution Benefits

Right90 provides Andy and his colleagues a simple answer to a complex forecasting challenge. It's easy to enter information in the system and easy to view that the forecast in any level of detail.

"The Right90 forecast is invaluable to me as a sales executive, and there's a great benefit to the reps who use the system every day as well," explains Andy. "Forecasting becomes a part of daily life rather than an interruption. Reps are able to provide management with the valuable information we need, with- out undue stress and without becoming administrators."

"During the first year of QuickLogic's transformation, our forecast was all over the map," Andy recalls. "Certainly, predicting the future is a challenge in any type of sales environment and success depends largely on getting reliable input from customers, but Right90 has helped us create a repeatable process with rules for each stage of our sales cycle. The result has been a more stable, higher quality forecast and better business insight."

With Right90 providing QuickLogic with a reliable and up-to-date revenue forecast that's accessible to everyone who needs it, the company is well positioned to jump on any opportunity that might be hiding in the chaos of today's economic turmoil.

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